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Matthew is no stranger to Swinging Richards. He has been one of our top mixologists for three and a half years. In this time, he’s worked closely with management to help organize Pride celebrations and our many charity events. He’s also been a key player in our New Year’s Eve Parties and is working hard to make “NYE 2017” one of the best.

One accomplishment Matthew is proud of is his participation in the Stoli Bartender Competition.  He was selected by our Stoli Vodka rep and he competed with several other bartenders from other popular clubs in the city.  Matthew expresses the honor it was to be included and although he didn’t place, he had a blast!

Matthew is more than just a handsome face, he has brains to back it up.  He has an Masters of Art in Literature and enjoys writing for queer publications.  See some of Matthew’s work here at

Matthew’s favorite specialty cocktail to make is a fruity Vodka mix called a Gummy Bear.  When he can enjoy a cocktail of his own, he sips with the BIG BOYS. His drink of choice is Johnny Walker Scotch.

Come out Friday night, November 11th for Swinging Richards first “Meet our New MANager Night,” and congratulate Matthew on all his accomplishments.  And don’t forget to say the secret password … It’s Matthew’s middle name:  GRADY.



  • Hello again Richards.

    Okay… I just finished watching the special. I guess no need telling Steven. That’s a sad ending to your film.

  • Watched the video on my Lodi box. Loved the fun.

    I lived in North Miami there was a swinging Richard’s then closed several years after opening. How ever cool stuff.

  • Cullen Swanson

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “oy” in “comment_content” *]
    I enjoyed the film on your establishment and am embarrassed to say I never knew of the club.
    So sad the end about Steven. Just anything these days makes me cry. He seemed so nice on. Sorry for yall’s loss. Take care…CLS


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