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The Best American Gay Strip Club

Swinging Richards, now more than 15 years old, has been the destination of choice for gay men seeking the best in adult entertainment. Our fully nude strip show offers a one-of-a-kind experience. SR’s upscale, state-of-the-art club brings men from all over the world to Atlanta to strip down and entertain audiences from 21 to 99.


Our bars are fully stocked each night with only the best alcohol.


Find out about our center stage, VIP lounge stage, and private VIP rooms.


$15 entrance fee, private bar, comfortable seating, and an intimate stage.


Reserve a room for you, your guests, and your favorite dancer.

Our Bar

Our bar is fully stocked each night with only the best alcohol. Let our bartenders get your evening started right. We have a huge selection of wine, beer, shots and more.

We feature the hottest bartenders in Atlanta serving Patron, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Absolut Vodkas, Crown Royal, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Jagermeister, Jose Curevo, a huge selection of domestic and import beers, and much much more!

Our Stages

Our club features a variety of stages. First, we have a large center stage with incredible viewing from any direction. We feature between one and six dancers on our front stage at anytime for a three song set.

Next, we have a more private VIP lounge stage. Here we feature a single dancer for a three song set. In the VIP lounge you are right on top of the action. Our VIP lounge offers you the opportunity to get closer to the action, and have more interaction with our dancers.

Remember, our dancers work for tips only at Swinging Richards; and so, if you see something you like, just walk up to the front stage at anytime during the set to show your appreciation.

VIP Lounge

Bring your best buds for a night in the VIP Lounge!
The VIP Lounge at Swinging Richards is something we are quite proud of. First, our VIP visitors have their own private bar. Don’t worry about missing anything. As a VIP visitor, you can still see all the action on our main stage from your bar seat. We want you to enjoy every inch we have to offer.

The entrance fee for the VIP Lounge is only $10.00 depending on the night.

Next, in the VIP lounge, you can do just that… lounge around. We have lots of comfortable seating and a more intimate stage available for you to watch your favorite dancers. Take a seat and feel the heat as we give you a proper introduction to adult fun. This show is not for timid on-lookers; it’s the man who knows what he wants. Get closer to our richards as they swing for your pleasure.

We also feature table dances in our VIP Lounge for $20.00. Grab your favorite dancer and for one song, they are all yours! If you want a lap dance to remember, reserve a place this weekend.

VIP Rooms

Sexy men, a full bar, and a private VIP Room is all you need!
Ready for more? Our VIP lounge features seven VIP rooms for those who want a more intimate setting without all the interruptions of the regular club.

What is a VIP room? The VIP rooms are reserved for you, your guests, and your dancer only. Each room is private with access to the VIP lounge. We have comfortable couches for you and your guests and a small stage for our dancers.

Dancers work for tips only, and you should speak with your dancer prior to renting a VIP room. You can pay your dancer with cash or credit cards.

All Male. All Nude. All Night.

From surfers to baseball jocks and muscle men inked to the max, we’ve got incredible entertainers to suit every taste. Our men know how to take care of themselves. So once you see ALL of our men, you know that they are more than average.

This Week at Swinging Richards

We cater to a gay male crowd, but women are welcome. In order to maintain a safe, comfortable environment and the highest standard of service, our club rules are strictly enforced. Anyone not respecting our entertainers or other patrons will be escorted out of the club. No exceptions.


Click here to view our club rules.


Proper Dress


Right of Refusal

Come out and Party with us!

Due to recent health concerns, current operating hours can be found on our Facebook page.

Thursdays at swinging richards

9pm - 3:00am | $15 Cover before 10pm ($20 after 10 PM)

Fridays at swinging richards

9pm - 3:00am | $15 Cover before 10pm ($20 after 10 PM)

Saturdays at swinging richards

9pm - 3:00am | $15 Cover before 10pm ($25 after 10 PM)

Closed on Sunday

Atlanta is Always Sizzling with Hot Male Dancers

We have gathered the hottest male dancers from all over the world. Swinging Richards offers the every best in upscale adult entertainment. Our fully nude male dancers will give a one-of-a-kind experience six nights a week. You are only allowed to use your imagination for a few moments before we strip down to nothing and show you everything. Swinging Richards features 100 guys that are ready, willing, and able to entertain you all night.

Making Fantasies Come True

Our dancers come from Canada, Russia, Australia, Germany, and every corner of the USA. Everyone at Swinging Richards is fun, friendly and incredibly handsome. Our bartenders, shooter boys, and waiters only pour the best alcohol, and know the definition of generous. Our DJs are also well-known and offer the best dance music for our men to bare it all for you.

Our Blog

General Information

1400 Northside Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Come out and Party with us!

Due to recent health concerns, current operating hours can be found on our Facebook page.

$5 secure parking. ATMs Inside.
Must be 21 to Enter with photo ID.
Proper dress required. No cameras allowed.
Female Dress Code: all skirts and shorts must be at least mid-thigh.

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