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You’ll always have a happy ending at Swinging Richards because Richards Do It Right

Swinging Richards Gay Male Strip Club AtlantaQuestion…When you come to Swinging Richards, what could go wrong? Answer…Nothing, because Richards Do It Right. Think about it, you call the fellas or get your boo and head out for a night of grown and sexy Adult fun. You’re looking for some strong drinks, great music and most of all an eyeful of beautiful, naked men, in all flavors. Well, look no further, because Swinging Richards has it all and then some and our Richards Do it Right. Keep reading to see how…

From the moment you step through our doors, you will know from the upscale atmosphere that Swinging Richards exudes our Richards Do it Right. You will think you stepped into Atlanta’s Gay Male Heaven. The abs, the butts, the thighs-OH MY. With so many sights to see and so much to get in to you won’t know where to start. But it won’t matter because what could go wrong at Swinging Richards? Nothing because Richards Do it Right.

First, you’ll want to make a B-line to one of our bars where our bartenders will start you off right. They know how to mix up a STIFF, COCKtail, that is sure to quench your thirst. With a variety of featured spirits from one of our liquor sponsors, our bartenders are mixing, grinding and shaking as much as the dancers on the stage. On Latin Night Tuesdays you can try a margarita made with Jose Cuervo or a cool, crisp Modelo in honor of our fine brown brothers.  Or come out to Thursday night Shenanigans where we feature a flavored Vodkas.  See what shenanigans you can get into after a couple of Smirnoff Vodka cocktails.  And to really prove that Richards Do it Right, we are now offering Bottle Service.  This means if you order a bottle of the new Absolut Elyx, we will provide special seating arrangements and table side cocktail preparation from our all-new, all-cute service staff.

Now that you’re good and saucy, it’s time for some for some dirty dancing. Well, hit the dance floor and let the music take you away. Our Swinging Richards DJ always has the whole club jumpin’, booties bumpin’, and hearts thumpin’ to the base of the beat. You’ll be feeling good and hot and ready to see the main attraction. You see now that at Swinging Richards, our Richards Do it Right.

So after a few lap dances and some time spent in our VIP Lounge, have a private session with your fav Richard. You’ll want to get a good seat with a good view of the main stage. This is when you can order your bottle of Absolut Elyx, enjoy your specially arranged seating and your table side service. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Get ready for an eye full of our Richards Do-in-it-Right.

There’s no way to describe what goes on at Swinging Richards that will express the feeling you get when you’re there. The only way to really see how Richards Do it Right is to see our dancers in action. Come out this weekend and party with us. C’mon, what could go wrong at Swinging Richards? Nothing, because Richards Do it Right!

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