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Swinging and Slinging at Swinging Richards:  Meet Mixologist-Billy Sandberg

Billy Sandberg - Master Mixologist at Swinging RichardsEveryone loves the bartender or mixologist as we call them at Swinging Richards.  They set the mood for a night to remember.  We’d like to introduce you to one of our Master Mixologist, Billy Sandberg.   Billy has been bartending at Swinging Richards since October 2008.  His seasoned art of bartending makes him the epitome of what a master mixologist is made of.
Billy is best known for is his ability to come up with amazing drinks on the spot. If you don’t have a drink of choice in mind, Billy will whip up something that is sure to float your boat.  Just give him a little hint of what you like.  Whether it’s light or dark liquor, sweet or sour, a girlie drink or something to put hair on your chest and he will make you something that is sure to make your taste buds explode with pleasure.  Don’t worry the hair on your chest will be imaginary no need to manscape…

Billy is known for livening up Swinging Richards with his personality and sassy ways.  He will wet your whistle and you’re sure to get a giggle when you visit Billy at his bar.  He can be found at the back bar close to the VIP rooms. This is where you’ll get VIP treatment and Billy will hand-craft a specialty cocktail from his private collection.  His favs are “Office Party Cocktail” and “Purple Nurples.”

Billy is not just creative behind the bar, every year for Atlanta’s Gay Pride Parade, our Master Mixologist is the Master Mind behind our award-winning Swinging Richards floats.  Everyone always looks forward to seeing how Billy’s vision of hot men parading around Atlanta will turn out.  His floats are sure to float your boat just like his drinks.  He even gets up there with the dancers to join them in a little Swinging, but back at the club he sticks to Slinging, because that’s his specialty.

Now look at this picture of Billy with his husband Michael.  He couldn’t look any happier.  Billy has been married to his amazing husband for 14 years. He is probably the one thing Billy loves more than bartending.  Michael stands by Billy’s side for everything he does which makes Billy love him even more.  According to Billy, “Yes, true love does exist.” We know their Valentine’s Day is going to be HOT.

Come meet our Master Mixologist- Billy Sandberg this weekend.  He says the thing he loves most about working at Swinging Richards are his loyal and dedicated patrons who visit him every week. You’ll see why they keep coming back when you request one of his specialty creations for your liquid libation.  His COCKtails will set the mood for a night you won’t forget at Swinging Richards.

Come out and see the dancers of Richards as they are SWINGING and the bartenders are SLINGING every week Tuesday thru Saturday.

And don’t forget that:

Tuesday -Latin Night Tuesdays
Thursday- Smirnoff Shenanigans

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