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This is your chance to get the dirty details from your favorite Richard

Dirty Details
Dirty Details

Get the dirty details from your favorite Richard.  If you could ask our Swinging Richards dancers one question what would it be?  This is your chance to fantasize about your favorite Richard.  Would you want to know where he got his smooth moves?  What is his favorite song to dance to?  What is he thinking about when he’s on stage?  Yes fellas, if you had one chance to ask one question, would you want to know if they like to take long walks on the beach or have picnics in the park?  Maybe you just want to get right down to it and ask, What is your favorite position?

We are sending any questions you ask on to our dancers so you can get the dirty details. Not sure what to ask? Well the first step is to dig deep and come up with some questions we know you have. What is one thing you’ve always wanted to know when you come in and see the sexiest guys in town putting on the show of a lifetime? Are you wondering what being a stripper at our fine establishment is like? Maybe the details of the maintenance side of this are burning up in your mind. Here’s one of the questions some of our dancers answered last go round, with some of the details.

“Question from Stephen: Do you get tired of the maintenance part of the job? Lol (trimming, shaving, etc.)…

Answer from Dancer 1: Yeah, I totally do! I like laying out by the pool in the summer, but in the winter I go to the tanning bed, and it’s a hassle. I get bored.

Answer from Dancer 2:  My boyfriend was really happy when I started working here- he’s a big fan of the manscaping.”

Get to posting gentlemen. Head over to our Facebook or Twitter and ask us your questions. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.  We’ll post the best questions in our next blog.

Remember to come out on Tuesdays for Latin Night Tuesdays and Thursdays for Shenanigan Thursdays.  See you this weekend!



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