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We got up close and personal with Leo – See his answers to your questions below

At Swinging Richards, when YOU ask our male dancers – WE answer.  Our dancers were happy to give you the lowdown on their down low. You asked for the dirty details and they let it all hang out.  You know at Swinging Richards that’s how WE DO! It’s ALWAYS ALL MALE, ALL NUDE, ALL NIGHT.   So, Leo was the first brave dancer to let loose.  From Leo’s answers you’ll see that he is a loyal Richard.  His answers show he is lick-able … did we say that? We meant like-able, but wait until you catch him on stage. You’ll see that Leo, lasts-long-time making him very lust-able. If you’re lucky lad, Leo just might give you the lap dance of your life. So come to Swinging Richards, get some libations from one of our bars and get ready to get lit. Watch how Leo gets loose on stage, letting it all hang out just like he did below. We purposely did not include Leo’s picture.  Next time you’re at Swinging Richards, be on the look-out for Leo, the Dancer with the answers below.

Question 1: How long have you been a male dancer at Richards?
Leo: 3 years

Swinging Richards Dancers Anwers-LEO
Swinging Richards Dancers Answers-LEO

Question 2:  What do you do besides being at Richards (during day)?
Leo:  Bartend at the most awesome bar ever

Question 3:  What are some of your best experiences at Swinging Richards
Leo: The people I’ve met and friends I’ve made

Question 4:  What do you enjoy most about being here?
Leo: The drinks and money

Question 5:  Are you in school or where did you graduate from?
Leo:  I go to GSU.

Question 6:  How does your friend or family react? Do you tell them where you work?
Leo: As a gay male dancer, they don’t care. Except for the fact that it writes me off as being dating material but fuck ’em!

Question 7: What motivated you to work at Swinging Richards?
Leo: The money

Question 8:  What’s it like being a stripper?
Leo: I mean it’s fun being acknowledged as good looking, but the stigma sucks.

Question 9:  What is your favorite song to dance to?
Leo: Anything Nicki Minaj

Question 10:  What are you thinking about when you are on stage?
Leo: How much I want to get off stage and actually make money

Look for Leo the next time you come to Swinging Richards and thank him for letting it all hang out in the blog and on stage.  If you have more questions for our dancers please post them on our Facebook page.  Also, if you like what you see all the time you come to Swinging Richards write us a review. 

Don’t forget to hang out with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays:
We introduced Latin Night Tuesdays back in November, but in 2017, we are kicking it up a notch with our authentic Miami club scene.  We will be serving Jose Cuervo tequila and Modelo specials in honor of our fine brown brothers. Muy Caliente!

Smirnoff Shenanigans is every Thursday night.  With Smirnoff Vodka being a major Atlanta pride supporter, we are partnering with them. So, every Thursday night we will feature one of their flavored Vodkas.  See what shenanigans you can get into after a couple of Smirnoff Vodka cocktails.  Cheers!

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