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Last week, Leo’s spotlight got our dancers talking, see what they have to say in Dancers Answers Part 2. You don’t want to miss a word.

Swinging Richards Dancers Answers Part 2
Swinging Richards Dancers Answers Part 2

Spring Fever is in the air and Swinging Richard’s Dancers Answers Part 2 is hot.  After reading our dancers answers you’ll want to come to Swinging Richards and cool off with some April showers.  It’s always raining men at Swinging Richards and our men are talking. In Dancers Answers Part 2, it’s time for some spring cleaning of the minds and our boys dish out  their dirty details (hyperlink to that blog) for YOU our loyal patrons.  Our dancers saw all YOUR questions rolling in and they wanted to give YOU the down low on their low down. This time our Swinging Richards smacked it, flipped it and rubbed it down with hot oil, answering your questions. You don’t want to miss what they had to say.  Dancers Answers Part 2 digs deeper into the life of a Swinging Richards male dancer.  Last week in Leo’s Spotlight, his answers left you longing for more.  Well, more is what you get at America’s #1 Male Strip Club, where it’s ALL MALE, ALL NUDE, ALL NIGHT.

To all our Curious Georges and Nosey Nelsons, this blog’s for you. This time we asked random dancers, different questions to give you a different perspective. See what our twinks are thinking, what our hard bodies have to say and what’s in our pretty boys, pretty little heads. If you want to know what it’s like to be a male stripper or if it’s hard to be in a relationship when you are a dancer at Swinging Richards, your thirst for stripper knowledge will be satisfied here.  If you don’t see your question, post it again on our Facebook page. Many of you posted your questions to our DM and it went down.  But, don’t be shy, our dancers aren’t. We want to see your questions on our main page. We have nothing to hide at Swinging Richards, we let it all hang out.

We won’t make you wait anymore.  See a list of YOUR questions and our Swinging Richards answers in Dancers Answers Part 2 below:

Question #1:  How do you handle it when your friends show up? I imagine it’s different for the ones that get fully nude.

Dancer Answer #1:  Well for me most of my friends know that I dance there and when they do come in we say hey to each other and that’s the last I see of them haha…. Now if they want to give me a dollar I’ll take it. A dollar is a dollar no matter who gives it to you. But majority of my friends respect me when they come in.

Question #2: How do you keep from getting aroused from being watched and tipped?

Dancer Answer #2: Well they keep it cold in there for a reason… But not always does that work. When I’m on stage dancer I don’t think about if I get hard what do I do, I’m too involved with dancing and having fun and entertaining myself and the customers. Now if it’s a private dance that’s a diff story…

Question #3:  What’s going through your head when a dirty old man wants a private dance?

Dancer Answer #3: Well to me everyone deserves a good time in their life. Most of the older gentleman that come in are there for the company because they don’t have anyone really. So, it’s not always about the dancing but more along the lines of they just want to talk to someone and be in the company of a younger gentleman.

Question #4: Is it all about the money or does it satisfy a need for exhibition?

Dancer Answer #4: Well the Money is always good but I like to be naked in general… When I’m home and my roommate isn’t there I’m always naked running around the house lol. If I could be naked all the time I would but I can’t so when I have the chance to be naked I get naked.

Question #5:  Have you always been comfortable in your body?

Dancer Answer #5: My body is what makes me me. I’m very active outside of work so I’m always in good shape. I go to the gym a few times a week just to make sure I maintain my shape. I try and eat healthy as much as I can but you know a good DBL Cheese Burger from MCD is always a good choice when I want to crave something else.

So, there you have it fellas.  Dancers Answers-Part 2 was a collaboration of ransom answers for different dancers.  Now when you come to Swinging Richards you can try to guess which answer belongs to which dancer.  Keep your questions coming and post them on our Facebook page. Also, if you like what you see all the time you come to Swinging Richards write us a review.

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  • Hello Richards.
    Just watched a special on your place. Please tell Steven he is absolutely beautiful. 🙂

  • Such a great time! I wish I remember the guys name but he had a tattoo that said “never give up” he was awesome. I’d go back to see him.


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